Trash Billing

What is this charge on my statement from TrashBilling.com?

TrashBilling.com is a payment processor for Trash and Refuse haulers, Septic and Portable Toilet companies nationwide. Because we are processing the payment for your hauler, our name, "TrashBilling.com" appears on your credit/debit card or bank statement instead of your hauler.

By entering information below we should be able to tell you the hauler's name and contact information.

If the line on your statement reads TRASHBILLING.COM CC then use the Credit Card/Debit card section. Otherwise try the Electronic Transfers section first, and if doesn't work then try Credit/Debit Cards.

Credit/Debit Cards
Electronic Transfers

If your bank statement says "TrashBilling.com CC", then it is definitely a credit card transaction. Debit cards may appear as either a credit card or as an Electronic Transfer, depending on how it was entered.

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